Partner Charity Training Materials

For new partner charities or new staff/volunteers, below are the required trainings to complete, along with helpful handouts for each training! If you have any questions about Second Harvest Training, please contact our Partner Engagement Coordinator, Elizabeth Boardwine, at

All Partner Orientation

All new Partner Charities or new staff/volunteers in charge of an existing food program must complete the All Partner Orientation.

In addition, please also view the video in the next section for your specific food program.

Some helpful handouts for Orientation:

Program-Specific Orientation

Each food program comes with slightly different compliance requirements. Click the type of program below to watch your specific orientation video!

Food Safety Training
Must be completed every 3 years!

ALL programs must complete Food Handler Training.

Hot meals, shelters, and Kids Cafe programs must also complete Meal Prep Training.

Some helpful handouts and postings for Food Safety Training:

Other Required Pantry Programs Training

PantryTrak Training for registering community members

Some helpful quick prints for PantryTrak reference:


Civil Rights Training
(Click HERE to visit the Civil Rights Page for all training information)

Agency Express Training
(Click HERE to visit the Food Orders page for more information and the training video)