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Hunger Advocacy

Hunger doesn't discriminate - affecting individuals regardless of race, age, gender and the like - though it disproportionately affects minority groups. Awareness and education of these challenges is the first step to creating change and addressing policy is one of the key elements of eliminating hunger.

You can make a difference by speaking up and speaking out against hunger and its root causes. Be a hunger champion. If you’re willing to make an occasional call or send an occasional email to your elected officials when we need to make an issue impacting hungry Ohioans a priority, sign up for our ADVOCACY ALERTS.

At the Federal Level:

BOLSTER: Farm to Food Bank Program


  • Farm to Food Bank Initiatives
  • Prioritize local agricultural purchases

INCREASE: The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)


  • Community Hot Meals
  • Pantries and Programs

PROTECT: Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP)


  • Provides additional purchasing power to income eligible participants.

REAUTHORIZE: Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)


  • Provide low-income Seniors food to supplement their nutritional needs.

Learn more and sign online letters of support for these programs HERE!

Child Tax Credit Expansion Will Help Working Families Put Food on the Table

The Child Tax Credit expansion legislation pending in Congress would allow the return of the refundable monthly payments. This critical tool significantly reduced the rates of child poverty during the pandemic. Once again, our country can do what has been proven to help alleviate the strain on families and improve their economic circumstances. Second Harvest calls on the Senate to pass the expansion of the Child Tax Credit included in the bipartisan tax legislation as soon as possible.

Senator Brown and Senator Vance need to hear from you. Contact them today. Find Your Elected Officials

At the State Level:

Senior Hunger
Ask Ohio’s House and Senate to support a $50 SNAP minimum for all Seniors in Ohio to ensure they have adequate resources to purchase food for themselves.

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Your voice across social media lifts our messages, shows legislative priorities and ensures our neighbors know how to access the food they need to thrive. Please like and follow our pages for the latest news and advocacy efforts.

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Second Harvest Advocacy Team


Advocacy can seem intimidating. Through our advocacy program ARISE, we can help make it simple so that together, we can make positive change in the lives of our neighbors. Whether attending a local meeting, writing a letter, sending an email, making a phone call, or sharing something on social media, each action helps us meet our goal of alleviating hunger in our region.

You can make a difference by speaking out against hunger and its root causes. Your voice matters and can bring awareness to important issues that affect access to food and adequate nutrition.

Be a hunger champion and join ARISE today. You will receive information on current policy priorities, public engagement events and action alerts to highlight time-sensitive efforts needed to prioritize issues impacting hungry Ohioans.


If you have been personally affected by hunger, we want you to tell your story. Our elected officials and policy makers must what our communities face and how best to help.

Sign-up for a Poverty Simulation

To help schools, businesses and the public develop a deeper understanding of the challenges lower-income populations face in everyday life, Second Harvest offers Poverty Simulations. To schedule or learn more about this impactful interactive exercise, contact our advocacy team at or call (440) 444-0717.

We are currently asking our friends and supporters to reach out to their local officials to discuss these hunger issues we are seeing in our communities and ask them to take action on legislation affecting hunger issues. Find contact information for your local, state and federal elected officials here.


Help those affected access our network to receive emergency food assistance.  Visit FreshTrak to find a location or call Second Harvest Food Bank at 440-960-2265.