Hunger Action Month

What is Hunger Action Month?

September is Hunger Action Month — the Feeding America network’s annual nationwide campaign designed to inspire people to act and raise awareness of hunger in the United States. You can help.

Everyone needs nutritious food to thrive. Yet, tens of millions of people in the United States―including individuals and children in North Central Ohio―face hunger. 

This September, join Second Harvest in the movement to end hunger. Your voice, actions, and commitment will help ensure every community has the food they need to thrive. Because when people are fed, futures are nourished. 

Every action―big or small―is one step closer to an America where no one is hungry. Join the nationwide movement to end hunger by donating, volunteering or advocating for a healthy, hunger-free community. 

What is Hunger Action Day?

September 15th is Hunger Action Day—a day where collective efforts across the country are focused for greater impact. 

Get Involved! 

See our list below for several fundraising and action items to propel you and your team into action. 

Raise Awareness 

Designate a day for sporting ORANGE attire, either individually or collectively with your organization or colleagues at work. Capture photographs of yourself or your group and share them on social media, tagging us!

Friendly Competition

Organize a "backyard" game tournament featuring activities such as cornhole, putt-putt, or other outdoor games. Set up a tournament and charge teams a fixed fee to participate.

Dollar Toss

It's simplicity matches its name. Crumple a dollar bill, fashion it into a paper airplane, or merely toss it, and see who can throw a dollar bill the farthest, and contribute all the dollar bills to raise funds for local families in need.

Food Fight

Divide coworkers into teams, each vying to collect the highest amount in pounds from shelf-stable food donations.

Virtual Food Drive

Start a Facebook fundraiser or Virtual Food Drive. We can create a page for you! E-mail Mindi Flynn for more info.

Get the Bosses Involved

Engage the leadership of your organization. Request incentives such as a day off, a luncheon with a supervisor, premier parking privileges, or even the entertaining prospect of a supervisor receiving a pie in the face!

Matching Donations

If your workplace implements a program for matching gifts, motivate your colleagues to complete the requisite paperwork, amplifying the value of your donation.

Brown Bag Lunch Day

Select a specific day during which your workplace assembles bagged lunches and contributes the equivalent of what they would have paid on lunch to Second Harvest. Embrace creativity; consider hosting a potluck luncheon or embracing a theme.

Conduct a Bake Sale

Provide individuals an opportunity to showcase their baking skills through a sale, with the proceeds earmarked for Second Harvest.

Lend a Hand

Sign up for a volunteer opportunity with your family or company with Second Harvest. Learn more about how to get involved HERE!


Write to your local elected official and urge them to fight hunger in your community. Learn more here!

You're Invited

Join us for our 2023 Generous Helpings event on Sunday, September 24th, from 5-8pm or make a donation to help families in our community. Learn more about Generous Helpings HERE!

Hunger Action Month
Stand Up. Get Involved. Take Action.

Volunteer registering cars at a mobile food pantry

Go Orange:

Orange is the color of hunger relief. This Hunger Action Month let's join together by wearing orange, turning our city landmarks orange, and raising our voices all across the country on behalf of the millions of people facing hunger.

For many, a daily meal is a simple choice of what to eat. But for people facing hunger, a daily meal poses a very different type of choice. It's often an impossible choice between food and other crucial needs, such as electricity, childcare or medicine.

Other Upcoming Events

Harvest for Hunger

Our annual community-wide campaign that raises food and funds to stock food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters throughout our region.


Generous Helpings

Generous Helpings is our annual fundraiser held to bring awareness and raise dollars for hunger relief for those in the Crawford, Erie, Huron and Lorain Counties.


Holiday Cheer

For the past 39 years, Holiday Cheer has raised millions of meals to help local families struggling with hunger.