Food Orders


  • VEHICLE LOADING WITH FORKLIFT: For staff to load your vehicle with our forklift you are required to display your vehicle sticker on the lower left back bumper. .
  • PERISHABLE FOODS: Insulated blankets are required in order to maintain food safety when transporting frozen and refrigerated items.
  • COVERING PRODUCT: All open-bed vehicles (trucks, trailers, etc..) must cover food for transport with a tarp (or) similiar.  All loads must be secured per Ohio state law.

We must ensure the safe transport of food and will not release product without food being properly covered by an insulated blanket and proper covering.

Partner Shopping List

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Shopping List (Excel File)

Food Ordering 101: A comprehensive reference guide to placing your food program order request.  pdfOrdering_101.pdf  Delivery-FAQs.pdf

  • Perishable products (retail store produce; bread / baked goods; and assorted cooler & freezer product) now appear on the shopping list. Perishable items can be ordered with your regular order and will be added on the day of your pick up/delivery if available.
  • Afternoon appointments are available to pick up perishable products only. Appointments may be made up to 24 hours in advance or for the same day, if available. Call for information.
  • Shopping List is updated Monday-Friday (except Holidays). Orders are processed in the order received and not accepted more than five working days before the scheduled pick-up or delivery. Send orders by e-mail to  .