A Note From Julie

Ancient philosophers believed the world was in a state of constant change — that even as you step
from the banks into the body of a river you’ve always known, the waters flowing over your feet will
never be the same waters that flowed just a moment before.

An ever-flowing river is an apt comparison for last five months. Sometimes the waters are calm,
other times raging and a sense of not know what’s coming. Through it all, at Second Harvest we have
sought to remain a steady beacon of hope for our community by creating food security for families
in our region.

Families who themselves are navigating treacherous and uncharted waters. Through our pandemic
response, over 100,000 unique individuals — men, women, children & seniors — have received
nutritious food — produce, dairy and groceries — through a food pantry in our region. Our
distribution of food is double what it was this time last year and the need is not abating.

It remains unknown what the future will bring, but you can be assured at Second Harvest we will
continue to do all we can to ensure families have the food they need to thrive.

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