So Grateful for Help


Maria Torres has been living in Lorain for 19 years. At times, she worked three part-time jobs, but it still was hard to make ends meet. She has been taking care of a disabled husband and brother for several years, and made her way to Second Harvest’s Mobile Pantry at the VFW in Lorain for the first time. “There were times I had to not pay a bill so I could get food for my family. This is such a help.” Maria’s friend, Wilma Mercado, came with her to the VFW distribution. Wilma and her family came to Lorain after the hurricane devastated Puerto Rico in 2017. Wilma’s husband is employed but they really need two incomes to thrive. Wilma can’t find a job that covers the cost for day care for their three children.

So for now, they are stretching their funds as far as possible. Wilma said that before she knew about this distribution, she would skip meals so her children would each have enough to eat.
Maria and Wilma’s families are just two of the 275 families that were able to receive about 70 pounds of staples, meat and produce at the VFW distribution.

Each one has their unique set of circumstances putting them in a situation of need, but family after family leaves with a bit of help, a smile on their face, and a deep sense of calm and gratitude.

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