Program and Member Services Staff on the Rise


With more direct service and new programs like the School Markets debuting this school year, we are realigning our staff and their duties to provide the best service possible. Samantha “Sam” Flores, Sarah Horan and Brittney Hopkins all came on board at Second Harvest in 2017. The Program and Member Services Department was restructuring and had three great candidates to join our team.

Sam Flores first came to Second Harvest in 2008-2010 as an AmeriCorp Vista for a year of services. During the summer of 2017 she returned from working abroad and came on board again with Second Harvest in the Program and Member Services Department. She and her team run the Mobile Produce Pantries, Mobile Pantries, BackPack Program and Senior Box Program. The School Markets have debuted this school year and Sam and her staff have partnered with those schools to offer food each month to families at five sites. Sam was promoted to Program & Member Services Manager this past spring.

Sarah Horan, Member Compliance Coordinator, has a real eye for detail and data. Her background is Human Resources. She handles all the training and compliance for our partner charities including food safety compliance. Sarah is the go-to person for program statistics which is crucial for program evaluations and grant applications.

Brittney Hopkins has been with us as an AmeriCorp Vista. She has been training our network partners on the use of PantryTrak, the intake software system used at all distributions. We are proud to announce that we were able to offer Brittney a full-time position in the Program & Member Services Department. She will be the Program Coordinator and will continue to on-board partners to the use of PantryTrak, refresher training, internal ordering for the programs and program site-visits.

The Program & Member Services staff have individual jobs to do but never turn down a chance to come together as a team. Sam shares, “Together, we have seen a lot of changes in our department is a short time and it has brought us closer as people. As professionals, I hope this will translate into better outcomes for those we serve. I think the outlook is bright!”

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