Julie's Notes


At Second Harvest, July is the start of our new fiscal year. It’s a fresh start for us (minus the cold weather). We are welcoming two new Board members and a new slate of officers. Our executive committee is lead by our Board Chair, Gayle Reeves; Ron Cocco as Vice Chair; Tom LaMotte as Secretary and Joe Flinner as Treasurer. New to our board of directors are Blanca Chavez with El Centro de Servicios Sociales and Mark Chase with Janotta & Herner.

With the beginning of a new year comes the close of the last one and we want to extend a heart-felt thank you to Paul Adair who served as Board Chair for the past two years. His leadership encouraged us to dream big and reach far as he led us through our Growing Hope strategic planning sessions.

With July also comes

the start of our produce season. We’ve revamped and renamed our program the Mobile Produce Pantry (formerly farmer’s markets). Our first one took place on July 10th and there are many more to come. We anticipate being able to distribute millions pounds of produce this year to families who struggle with hunger throughout our region. Volunteers are needed and we encourage to consider volunteering a pantry. View all our volunteer opportunites here.

Lastly, save the date for our annual Generous Helpings event which will take place on September 30th, a fun event with great music and good food for an outstanding cause. Generous Helpings will feature creations by local restaurants and tastings of their signature dishes; complementing wines and ales; and live music. Whether you are looking for dazzling jewelry or a Cedar Point experience, we will have you covered with our silent auction and raffles. Purchase your tickets here

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