YOU Save Us!


Second Harvest celebrated our volunteers at our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner where volunteers gathered in celebration of their hard work & dedication in 2017. Thank YOU to all of our volunteers who dedicate their time & talents to help #growhope for those struggling with hunger. You SAVE us, indeed.

Highlight of the evening, Jimmy L. Davis Spirit of Community Award given out in honor of an individual who represents the same qualities as Jimmy L. Davis and a sincere desire to enhance the quality of life in our community. The 2018 recipient is Shirley Nain! Thank you for all you do, Shirley!

*2018 Harvesters Award – Landing Point Financial Group
*25 Years of Service – Nordson Corporation & Northwood Middle School in Elyria

Some impressive numbers were posted last year by our volunteers. They include:

Total Volunteers Up 17%
• CY 2016 = 2,666 Volunteers
• CY 2017 = 3,200 Volunteers

2017 Projects
• Senior Boxes = 10,136 or 285K lbs
• Backpacks = 33,438 or 197K lbs
• Mobile Pantry Boxes = 3,050 or 61K lbs

2017 Repack Donations
• Product Processed = 1.1M lbs
• Recycled Cardboard & Plastic = 42K lbs
• OTC medicines for incineration = 224 lbs (Nov & Dec only)
• Recycled to animals 66K lbs (includes produce)

At Second Harvest, we could not do what we do without the help of our volunteers. “Sorting and packing donated food items is an essential part of what needs to be done here at Second Harvest,” commented Paul Adair, Board Chair for Second Harvest. “Without their hours of help throughout the year, we could not distribute the amount of food that we do. So many people would not get the needed help.”

Volunteering is part of our essential make-up and the momentum is growing. Second Harvest volunteers are doing extraordinary things to improve lives and strengthen our communities. For all of your dedication, hard work, compassion and time…..we recognize this, we are humbled by your offering and we thank you each and every one of you!

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