Moving Forward with Technology


Today, technology is taking on a much larger role in our world and at Second Harvest. This technology that is revolutionizing the way we communicate and do business is what we are relying on to help us do our work quicker and with more efficiency. 

At Second Harvest, we are upgrading our accounting and inventory software which is a critical component across our organization and give us room for growth. CERES 4.5 software is designed for Food Bank and will allow us to more easily track product donations, grants, food drives and integrate these functions in a more streamline fashion.  Every department has members who rely on the CERES system for tracking and managing to some degree, so integration is key. According to Tami Kluding, Business Services Manager, “It has been over ten years since we’ve been able to upgrade this system. We are really excited about what we’ll be able to do going forward.”

CERVIS is a customizable web-based volunteer management software.  Our goal is to make it easier to recruit volunteers online, coordinate and manage volunteer opportunities and communicate more effectively with volunteers. We are using technology differently in today’s world, with the expectation that we can get access to anything we want, instantly and with minimal effort. Not only can we get it now but we can get it personalized. Technology is becoming specific to the individual. With CERVIS, those wishing to volunteer can register with their mobile device, online or at a kiosk here at Second Harvest.  Susan Hennie, Volunteer Relations Manager, shares, “This will give each of our volunteers quick access to dates and times open for serving. It can be all done very quickly.”

Staff is currently being trained on the new CERES software. It will be up and running by the end of March. The CERVIS volunteer management software will roll out within the next couple of months, also.

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