Super-Hero Volunteers


As the holiday season continues, we are so incredibly amazed and inspired by some of the people who volunteer at Second Harvest. They are the backbone of our organization, truly Super Heroes! We could not fulfill our mission without these wonderful people. To show our appreciation for their zeal and dedication to their work, we thought you’d like to meet them, too. Meet Dwayne Marshall and Shirley Nain.

Dwayne Marshall began volunteering at Second Harvest in October of 2016. By the end of the year, Dwayne will have contributed almost 300 hours of service for 2017. He volunteers two shifts a week, mostly helping with sorting and repacking donated food, but his favorite duty while he is here is breaking down all the boxes, “It’s a great workout!”

We asked Dwayne why he chooses to share so much of his time with us, “Now that I am retired, I just have the time, the time to give back!” A cancer survivor, and someone who can relate to others who have fallen on hard times, Dwayne says “There were a lot people who helped me in my time of need, and it is fulfilling to be able to pay some of that forward.” Thank you, Dwayne for all you do here at Second Harvest! We see the value in YOU!

Upon retiring as an educator 4 years ago, Shirley Nain decided she wanted to spend her time giving back to her community. So in 2013, she signed up as a Second Harvest volunteer and has never looked back! As of today, Shirley has contributed 155 hours for 2017. Every week Shirley arrives faithfully to Second Harvest. Monday through Thursday, you will find Shirley working hard in our repack room, “I don’t have to go to gym!” Whether it is sorting, repacking, lending a hand with our Backpack Program or packing boxes for our Senior Box Program, Shirley is here…rain or shine. “Every day I leave here, I feel really good. I really feel good knowing I am helping those that need it most”. Giving back was something that Shirley set out to do way back in 2013 & is still committed to today. Thank you for all you do, Shirley! See you tomorrow.

If anyone out there is looking to try their hand at volunteering here at Second Harvest, check out our website at www.secondharvestfoodbank.org/volunteer or call Susan Hennie at 440-960-2265 ext 303 to learn more.

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