Kristin's Story


Kristin had been working as a human resources tech for almost eight years at a small manufacturing company, until the merger. “Last summer, the supervisors told us that growth will ultimately happen but we will be reducing our work force initially as the two companies merge,” Kristin shared. “After two weeks, I was out of a job. Just like that!”

Job-hunting has been a way of life ever-since for Kristin. She is making progress but she, and her four-year old twins, were forced to move back in with her parents just before Thanksgiving. “I was really making progress and feeling good about the life I was building for my family. But, now, I feel like I’m starting over, struggling to pay bills and making sure these growing kids have enough food.” Kristin’s parents both work but they are both close to retirement themselves so they are limited in what they can do.

“My biggest worry was making sure my kids have enough food to eat,” Kristin says. “I went to a Farmer’s Market this Fall and was so happy to see the fresh and nutritious food available. We were able to get some wonderful produce, even locally grown apples. My kids love homemade applesauce!”

Kristin has also been able to visit a local food pantry for staples like bread, cereal, milk, eggs and peanut butter. “Coming here and to the Farmer’s Market has been a safety-net for our family. I am confident that my situation will turn around soon, but in the meantime, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the food, and frankly the smiling, caring faces. It has taken once big strain off of an already stressful situation.”

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