Helping Hands Ministry Pantry


The busiest people get the most done. When Makala Weaver started the Helping Hands Ministry Pantry at the Master’s Hand Church of God in 2008, she saw that people were in need and she knew she could do something about it. She has been the real-life example of helping hands ever since. As it turns out Makala is a full-time registered nurse and a wife and mother of three as well. The family lives in Mansfield.

Helping Hands Ministry Pantry is open to those in need in Castalia two times each month. It is a choice pantry that allows clients to select items out of their inventory. Makala feels that she is blessed because

there are great volunteers who are always willing to help. This includes, her uncle, who is the pastor of the church and is often the driver of the truck they use to travel to Second Harvest to pick up their order. Her husband, David, offers his technology expertise to keep track of the online inventory and ordering. Their three children, ages 14-8 are also volunteers at the pantry. “We feel blessed to have the great life we do,” Makala says. “I really feel it is important for my children to be part of this so they can understand that it is a priority and privilege to be able to help people who are going through tough times.”

“I appreciate our relationship with Second Harvest,” Makala says. “They will try to make things easier for us. When the church flooded because of frozen pipes, Second Harvest really helped and made accommodations for us while we were going through a difficult time.”

When asked about her biggest challenges running the pantry, Makala, admits that time is her most precious commodity. There’s never enough of it. “Running a choice pantry using a shopping list makes things run quicker and smoother, but there never is a shortage of things to attend to. I wish I could to spend more time with the individual clients. I guess that’s the nurse in me.”

The Helping Hands Ministry Food Pantry serves about 45 families each month through its two days of operation each month.

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