Our Warehouse Warriors


Our unsung, often unknown heroes do most of their work behind the scenes. You never see them, you don’t even know they exist. But without their help, the load bread from Giant Eagle would not ever get to the dock for Grace’s Kitchen to pick-up or on our delivery trucks headed for Plymouth-Shiloh. Phil Simulcik, Director of Operations, relies on their steady work to move product into the warehouse and move it out as quickly as possible for those who are food insecure. “I count on this crew to keep things moving. People need this food and each man and woman knows it. They work hard to make sure that can happen,” says Phil.

We thought we’d shine some light on a few of our warehouse staff who work behind the scenes:

Jeremiah Smith, Inventory Control Coordinator, keeps tabs on what is on-hand and monitors the “shopping list” that partner charities use to view what we have in-stock for them to order.

Mark Millis, Facility Maintenance, keeps the building operating smoothly and is in charge of keeping out trucks on their maintenance schedules.

Alvin Rivera, Shipping & Receiving, is the stop-gate for all product that comes into the facility. He makes sure everything is weighed and recorded. Alvin will determine the next stop for the load, either in repack, refrigeration or directly on the racks.

Edwin Ocascio, Partner Charity Distribution, is the face and the friend of all the partner charities that come to Second Harvest to pick up their own orders. Edwin receives notice of a scheduled pick-up and will set-up the order in time for their arrival. He helps load the orders.

Steve Hoyson, Order Expediting, is vital for warehouse organization and order set-up.

Gina Smith and Dawn Kinsley, Customer Service Coordinators, are the friendly voices on the phone, especially for our partner charities.

Food safety and proper storage is a crucial consideration for every person here. So is timely work to keep the food moving in and then out to partner charities or for direct distribution. Everyone has their own job to perform, but we all know that working as a team is the only way that we can move the amount of food we do every year. Our goals are lofty. We plan to move a record 9.5 million pounds this coming year. Anything less would mean that too many people would go without food and to this crew, that would not be acceptable

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