Fresh Produce Season


One of summer’s perks is picking up fresh produce at a farmer’s market to enjoy it with family and friends. Seasonal produce is fresh, delicious, healthy, and often an out of reach luxury for families at-risk for hunger. Produce can be expensive and hard to find in some communities.

This is why we launched the Farmer’s Market program—to provide healthy, local produce to families that may not have access otherwise to fresh and healthy foods. 

Fresh produce is delivered to our partner charities throughout summer for distribution at Farmer’s Markets throughout the region. This year, we will be conducting several direct-distribution Farmer’s Markets at site throughout Lorain. 

Last year we were able to provide 8,500 families with nearly 40 pounds of produce each through this program.  Our Farmer’s Markets kick-off this month. Click here to see the Farmer’s Market Calendar on the Second Harvest website. Check back for updates and additions throughout the season.


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