National Volunteer Month

Volunteers! We SEE the VALUE in YOU and we are ever-so grateful that you share your talents to help those in need. To show our gratitude we celebrate our helpers during National Volunteer Month 2017!   At Second Harvest, we could not do what we do without the help of our volunteers. “Sorting and packing donated food items is an essential part of what needs to be done here at Second Harvest,” comments Julie Chase-Morefield, President and CEO of Second Harvest.  “Without their hours of help throughout the year, we could not distribute the amount of food that we do. So many people would not get the needed help.”

Second Harvest has a strong, vibrant volunteer work force. Since we moved into our current building, the numbers of volunteers working to help sort food has increased by 31%. We now have about 2,600 volunteers who help us throughout the year at various jobs. Volunteer hours have increased by 32% and the amount of poundage that was sorted increased 42%. That means more food is getting to those who need it quicker.

We will be having a Volunteer Appreciation Event at the end of April to recognize those people who have given so much of themselves to further the mission of Second Harvest. At that event, we will also be honoring one special volunteer with the Jimmly L. Davis Spirit of Community Award.

Volunteering is part of our essential make-up and the momentum is growing. Second Harvest volunteers are doing extraordinary things to improve lives and strengthen our communities. For all of your dedication, hard work, compassion and time…..we recognize this, we are humbled by your offering and we thank you each and every one of you! Click here for more information on how you can become a volunteer.

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