Vermilion Salvation Army

When you are born and raised in an area and then are able to dedicate your career to helping people in need there….that’s satisfaction. That’s Janet Ancog, Human Resources Supervisor for the Vermilion Salvation Army Service Unit.  “I love it here. It’s been wonderful,” shares Janet. She started with the service unit 11 years ago and is the one who got the food pantry started then.

She went from a one-room area to the building they occupy on Liberty Avenue. Today, they serve about 250 households. She runs the Kids BackPack program, serving 98 students per week. Janet says, “When we started the BackPack Program three years ago, we helped 37 kids each week. Now we are up to 98 students each week.”

The Vermilion Salvation Army Service Unit has been a partner charity of Second Harvest’s for about four years. “I couldn’t do it without them”, says Janet. “Food is so powerful. I don’t want to see anyone in this community go hungry. Because of Second Harvest, we can give our neighbors what they need.”

Going forward, Janet says that their biggest obstacle is solving some of these problems while operating in a vacation town. “I understand that a large part of our population is transient and comes here to get away from the stresses and unpleasant things of their regular lives,” Janet says. “So the last thing they want to hear about are the problems. But they still exist and we’ll work to come up with ways to make life better for our neighbors in need. Our Second Harvest relationship has really helped with this.”

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