Spring Forward!

It’s March -- there’s a little more daylight, tulips and daffodils are beginning to peak up and warmer weather’s creating excitement -- but so is the buzz around Harvest for Hunger! Our largest food and fundraising campaign of the year – Harvest for Hunger -- runs now through mid-April. For every $1 donated Second Harvest can distribute 4 meals. Our goal is to collect enough for 1 Million Meals and you can help today with your online donation.

As the community takes up this grassroots effort, there’s a real feeling of resolve to help families and friends who are hungry. We have our steady and reliable groups that are always there for the cause. Old friends – Heinen’s and Giant Eagle – running their Check out Hunger campaign with the dedication of their amazing staff and new friends who are starting campaigns for the first time. It’s humbling to see companies, organizations, churches and individuals coming together with food and funds to restock food pantry shelves and bring meals to soup kitchen tables so our neighbors in need don’t have to worry where their next meal is coming.

This year, our goal is big one -- enough food and funds to provide over 1 million meals. It will only be possible with the help and support from the community. There are many ways to help -- support Check Out Hunger at local Giant Eagle and Heinen’s Fine Food stores with a $1, $5 or $10 donation at the checkout, sign up to run a food and funds drive at your company or organization or by making a donation online today.

March ushers in change and the realization that much work still needs to be done. We are embarking on our end-of-the-year inventory, drafting new budgets and compiling final statistics for the year which will close the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year. But with it we see promise and hope. Children will have food on the weekends. Seniors will have nutritious meals at the end of the month. Families can share a meal together. All because we are partners together in the work to provide food to families who are struggling with hunger --no matter what the season.

Happy Spring!

Having Fun Doing Good
Vermilion Salvation Army