Companions on the Journey

Donors often have more power to speak out about a cause that they believe in than the charity they support. For many, their donations are very personal and private so they refrain from being out front with their support. Not so for Mel and Jean Miller. They are all in and they have shared their passion and influenced so many others to see their vision.

For over ten years, Mel has served on the Board of Directors for Second Harvest and served two years as a co-chair for the capital campaign to raise the $5M needed for the Nordson Food Distribution Center building project. Throughout all of it, Jean was right there to lend a hand, show support and offer encouragement.

Mel and Jean have shared their time, treasure and talents with Second Harvest. “Jeanie and I are blessed to be able to contribute our financial support to the mission of the Second Harvest.” Mel adds, “I have been able see how Second Harvest continually strives to better serve those needing assistance in our communities and the partner charities who serve them. We are honored to be associated with Second Harvest.”  They will show up at a kick-off event or food drive to represent Second Harvest, speak at a Rotary meeting or will roll up their sleeves to join in with volunteer groups to sort donated product. Whatever it takes. When others see the Millers in action, they are inspired to do the same. It doesn’t take long before some real change happens!

Their passion has helped to make Second Harvest a powerful force in this region in the struggle to end hunger. Is it any wonder why we feel so humbled and in awe when we see all the good that has been accomplished for so many in our area because of Mel and Jean Miller’s help? The task is great but we keep forging ahead, knowing that we share the journey with some truly inspiring friends.

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