Partner Charity Spotlight: Nehemiah Partners Kids Cafe

The sight of children lining up for seconds of good-for-you veggies may sound like a figment of an adult’s imagination, but that is exactly what the scene has been at Nehemiah Partners Kid’s Cafe in Sandusky. Kids lined up for second helpings of chicken breast, noodle, salad, and spaghetti squash. “Our kids are hungry!” smiled Roxanne Goss, director of the Nehemiah Partners.

Goss’s Kid’s Cafe program is going on its second year in partnership with Second Harvest. Though they need to purchase serving products and some food items to round out a meal, her budget numbers are great considering the exponential nutritional benefit. “My Board members are pretty happy when I can show them that I can serve 800 nutritious meals, not including second helpings, to these children for $70 per month.”

Goss is most proud of the fact that the children who attend their program are trying new and nutritious foods and are learning that making healthy food choices is a delicious way to go. “We serve 50 to 70 kids each day and they look forward to the salad bar that is always available to them,” she adds. “Since we’ve been able to partner with Second Harvest, the nutritional value of the food we serve these children has increased dramatically. I could not be happier.”  Nehemiah Partners has recently received funding to support the Kids BackPack program in partnership with Second Harvest.  So those children will be able to recieve food and nourishment not only throughout the week but on weekends too. That sounds like a winning formula.

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