Veterans and Food Insecurity

Veterans and Food Insecurity

In November, we pause to honor veterans. As we reflect on their gift of service to us all, we feel a sense of pride and gratitude. Yet, there is also a sense of failure when we come to realize that so many of these heroes and their families are struggling. We know that 25% of those we serve in our region are veterans.

Many military personnel and their families face hunger as they struggle to negotiate the complex stages of military life — from deployment to returning home. There are veterans across our country who suffered an injury or may have even loss of life, leaving a family behind to put the pieces back together. Many have experienced severe depression during his or her time in service and need help getting back on their feet.

The issues are complex and the solutions can be equally as daunting but there are some actions we can take to help veterans receive meals and the hope they need to reach for a better tomorrow. This month and all year through join us in supporting veterans by taking these simple actions:

• Thank Veterans for Their Service. A small act of kindness could help brighten a veteran’s day. Show gratitude to military families that we serve across the nation.

• Volunteer at the Food Bank. Volunteering at Second Harvest is a good way to put into action your desire to help people facing hunger in your community. Click HERE for more information on how to volunteer.

• Learn More About Veterans and Hunger. Understanding the issues veterans and their families face is a huge step in the right direction. We are finding new ways to reach veterans. Locally, we work with Lorain County Veterans Service Commission to increase awareness about our services and distributions so local veterans and their families can access the food they need.