More to Know!

More to Know!


Thank you to all of our volunteers! This year, The Jimmy L. Davis Spirit of Community Awards goes to Nora and Jon Almond. They have helped above and beyond. The Harvesters Award for top group volunteer goes to Crane Aerospace & Electronics.


September is Hunger Action Month — an annual campaign dedicated to driving awareness and inspiring action to help end hunger in America and here in our own region. Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice. For millions of people in America, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes, but it’s a choice between food and other critical needs — like medicine, housing, or transportation. Now you have a choice, too ... How will you choose to end hunger? Take action at


Our leadership team worked for months to formulate our Strategic Plan to guide us through the next three years. Our five leading initiatives are: focus on employees to grow and develop, communicate our initiatives and the results, expand access to food in our service region, be the catalyst for comprehensive community solutions to create long-term food security, and focus on the needs of volunteer relations and operations.