Messages from our Neighbors

Messages from our Neighbors

Distributing just short of 11 million pounds of food in a year is hard to show, but at a recent mobile distribution in Willard, we got to hear the impact of the food we are sharing.


“I’m always going to make ends meet for my kids. I was never one to ask for help, but it’s not a bad thing. Sometimes you need it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have the food.”


“It helps my wife and I quite a bit. The price of food is high, gas is high, and when you’re on a low income, the food helps a lot.”


“We recently had a leaky roof, and I had to put $1,500 in my vehicle to have reliable transportation. The food just really helps us try to make ends meet.”


“I’m on disability and have a lot of medical conditions. With the cost of living going up, I barely have enough money to get the fresh fruits and vegetables I need to stay healthy. This food helps me a lot.”