Emerson Fellows At Second Harvest

Emerson Fellows At Second Harvest

The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship Program trains and inspires leaders in the movement to end hunger and poverty in the United States. Accordingly, the fellowship provides experience in community-based work and national policy formulation. This unique two-placement structure allows fellows to bridge the gap between local efforts and national public policy aimed at ending hunger and poverty in the United States. This year, 18 Emerson Fellows were named, and Second Harvest is grateful to have been awarded two Emerson National Hunger Fellows to join us. Welcome, Jazmyne Brooks and Taylor Unoki. 

Jazmyne Brooks’ lived experience and background in grassroots organizing and nonprofit work cultivated her interest in community-based solutions. She recently graduated from the University of Denver Josef Korbel School of International Studies with a Masters in International Development and a certificate in Global Environmental Change and Adaptation. 

At Second Harvest, Jazmyne is conducting a research project to inform the development of the Sandusky Community Hub, a program designed to provide opportunities for comprehensive support services for Sandusky residents. Jazmyne is reviewing hub-based models’ best practices through interviews and research to develop a prototype, implementation, and evaluation plan rooted in the vision and aspirations of community members. 

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Taylor Unoki attended the University of Washington and majored in Laws, Society, and Justice. She always had a conviction to engage in the fight against poverty but explored different ways to do so - whether in an internship that combated trafficking and the violence of poverty or volunteering at shelters and organizations to try and help in any way she can. 

At Second Harvest, Taylor is working on a Landscape Assessment, a deep dive into the community structure and makeup. She hopes that the data she gathers on demographics and of social determinants such as healthcare and housing will inform gaps which need attention. 

Jazmyne and Taylor started their fellowship program with us in September and will continue through the winter months. While only being with our organization for a short time, the fruits of their work will have a lasting effect from their hard work and their passion for our mission!