Creating Pathways

Creating Pathways

We are always looking ahead to see how we can improve. How can our organization change and innovate to help more people access nutritious and filling food, along with how to help make our community stronger as a whole to lessen the need for food assistance in the first place? These thoughts and visions for our future have been distilled down and solidified in our five-year strategic plan.

We recently held a small get-together to share this vision for the next five years. We called it “Creating Pathways” because we are developing the ways and relationships to shape our actions and how we will serve our community even more effectively. 

Our five goals are: 

  1. Be the place our employees grow, develop, and thrive as the foundation of all we do.
  2. Boldly communicate our initiatives and the results of our work to spark engagement and inspire support.
  3. Expand access to food in our service region.
  4. Be rockstars in internal volunteer relations and operations processes getting food in/out of the door.
  5. Be the catalyst for comprehensive community solutions to create long-term food security. 

We will share updates on these goals as we go along (see #2), and we are excited you will be part of this journey with us!