Columbia Gas Lends a Hand

Columbia Gas Lends a Hand

Cold weather is about to make outdoor food distributions at Second Harvest difficult, which is why Columbia Gas has donated outdoor equipment. Before COVID-19, Second Harvest would distribute food inside school buildings. But now that everything has moved to drive-thrus outside, cold weather could present a challenge.

Columbia Gas of Ohio donated $60,000 worth of canopy tents, lighting, a generator, a pallet jack, safety traffic cones, ceramic heaters, wagons and power cords.

Doug Nusbaum, vice president of external and customer affairs at Columbia Gas of Ohio, said the company wanted to donate those items so that Second Harvest could spend more money on food. He said the food bank is serving the same people that Columbia Gas of Ohio services, and that it's important for the company to help.

Columbia Gas of Ohio is a solid contributor to the efforts of our direct distributions. Their local employees have been volunteering for years. Their statewide and local employees were on hand at distributions at Black River Landings in September and at LCCC in November.

Nusbaum said that food need has nearly tripled for Second Harvest, and with winter coming up, the Northeast Ohio's winter elements would have to be dealt with. The tents will help protect the boxes of food from getting wet, while heaters and lighting will keep people safe outside.

The Columbia Gas of Ohio grant was through the NiSource Charitable Foundation, which allowed Second Harvest to buy the equipment.