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Second Harvest is the regional nonprofit committed to fighting hunger. Working together with a vast network to acquire, gather, and distribute nutritious food, Second Harvest helps feed tens of thousands of people throughout Crawford, Erie, Huron, and Lorain counties. For every $1 donated we can provide 5 meals to those at risk for hunger.

Connecting Our Community to Healthy Food

We connect people at risk for hunger to fresh, healthy, and nutritious foods. We work with local farms and retailers to provide fresh produce and meats to our Farmer's Markets, mobile pantries, and network of over 100 local partner charities through over 150 programs.

Working Together to Help Our Neighbors in Need

We use your donations to help us acquire, gather, and distribute nutritious food to our network of over 100 partner charities and through direct distribution to help feed tens of thousands of people across four counties. For every $1 donated, we can provide 5 meals to families at risk for hunger.

Fighting Hunger Where We Find It

We realize hunger is not a choice, and that hunger affects every community in the four counties we serve, so we're on the road fighting hunger wherever we find it. By supporting over 100 partner charities, directly distributing food to hungry children and their families through mobile food pantries at schools and to seniors through the Senior Box Program, we're doing more to reach those who need a nutritious meal.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Grow hope in our region by creating pathways to nutritious food.

Vision Statement

A brighter future for all by cultivating a healthy, hunger-free community.