School Pantry Program

Second Harvest aims to feed children in a more holistic way to create food security for the entire family through our School Pantry Program model. This program is designed to alleviate child hunger through the provision of food to children, their families, and the immediate school community. School Pantry Programs are located at, or adjacent to school properties and are intended to provide a more readily accessible source of food assistance to low-income students.

By working with schools to provide food to families in a variety of ways, this initiative will dramatically increase the amount of food and meals families and children will receive to address child hunger in our region. Our three highlighted programs include

Beginning in September, we will now have FIVE School-Site Pantries at EIGHT middle schools: 

  • Cleaview Local Schools (Lorain) - Durling Middle School
  • Elyria City Schools -Oakwood Elementary and Elyria High School
  • Lorain City Schools - General Johnnie Wilson, Longfellow, and Southview Middle Schools
  • Midview Local Schools (Grafton) - Midview Middle School

Click here for a complete list of upcoming School Pantry distributions.