Program Guidance COVID-19 / Coronavirus Information

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently circulating in the United States and as of 3/9/2020, there are confirmed cases in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Health encourages local faith-based and community organizations to prepare for the possibility of community spread in your communities. Small actions can make a big difference! 

  • Provide hand sanitizer, tissues, and hand soap to volunteers and community members
  • Clean high-traffic surfaces often and with a disinfecting product or solution
  • Post informational sheets and posters (see attachments)
  • Inform volunteers and community members of any new public health recommendations
  • Consider your programs and services and start planning for various possible scenarios 
  • Promote kindness! Don't tolerate rumors, try to discourage stigma, and help neighbors who may be feeling anxiety 
  • Keep Second Harvest informed! Contact us if you are seeing any changes in your service patterns or if you anticipate disruption of your normal distribution schedule!

Find the Ohio Department of Health's COVID-19 resource center here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/

WHO Hand-washing Guide: https://www.who.int/gpsc/clean_hands_protection/en/

Golden Age Of Hand-Washing PSAs: https://www.npr.org/2020/03/04/811609241/coronavirus-fears-have-led-to-a-golden-age-of-hand-washing-psas?t=1583527665990 


Volunteer Guidance COVID-19/Coronoavirus
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