Audit Awards Excellent Mark


Since moving into our current building, Second Harvest has been committed and dedicated to providing a clean, safe, high quality food environment. We just completed our second AIB International audit and gained an excellent score of 945 out of 1,000. Our first audit came in January of 2016, scoring 935.

The staff and leadership of Second Harvest know that these kinds of scores are very difficult to achieve but tell the story

to all who work with us that we meet and exceed food safety regulations through our participation and compliance with consolidated standards for inspection. This educational audit is designed to look beyond the surface to areas where food safety issues may not have been readily visible. While the inspection follows regulations, AIB is an industry advocate there to educate.

Most of the audit is spent in the warehouse, volunteer work space and storage areas and the other 30-40% confirms the effectiveness of programs. The evaluation standards evaluate how well the operational methods and personnel practices, maintenance for food safety, cleaning practices, integrated pest management, and prerequisite and food safety programs are working in your facility.

“This is a testament to the day-in-day-out commitment our staff has to the work we do here,” says Julie Chase-Morefield, President & CEO of Second Harvest. “This kind of score is extremely difficult to achieve unless you are committed to maintaining and improving the warehouse each and every day. Not just when we are up for review. I am very proud of our group.”

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