Food On The Move!


OHgo’s mobile food pantry takes food on the move. They set up a choice style pantry serving twice a month (every month) for income eligible families, literally on the go. Their mobile units can be spotted at McArthur Park and Orlando Pace Park in Sandusky or in neighborhoods that have been underserved for years. They are serving close to 1000 people a month since launching this program in June of 2016. Families can come to all pantries each month and will receive food for up to 4 days!

Kendra Faulkner and Christine Boesch are the co-founders. How did they come up with this idea? Together they have spent years planning fun events for children’s birthday parties, Vacation Bible School, Right to Read week programs, school book club events, children’s church curriculum, and community outreach. They always knew they wanted to take this further and reach more of the community, primarily children who are in need. They began to realize that the children they really wanted to reach had no way of coming to them. That is when they decided to go to them! They were determined to reach out to these families at their homes and in their neighborhoods.

How awesome would it be to go mobile, to deliver gifts and items of need to their doors, to throw events and bookmobile visits on their streets? They wanted to give these children opportunity to thrive in their own environments. That was the beginning of a new non-profit, OHgo! I think we all agree that they are modeling one of the new ways of reaching those who need our services.



Mobile Pantry
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