Partner Charity Spotlight: Elyria Salvation Army

Hunger can make someone feel hopeless, helpless, and alone. Every day thousands of people turn to one of our over 100 partner charities for a warm meal, fresh produce, or groceries to take home to their families. Last year, the Elyria Salvation Army served about 11,000 people by providing utilities and rental assistance, emergency shelter, clothing, activities for children, and most importantly, a monthly food pantry. “About 60-70% of the food in our pantry comes from Second Harvest,” shares Rebecca Haywood, Case Manager at The Salvation Army.

elyria salvation army photoWe rely on Second Harvest to fill in the gaps at our pantry when our donations from individuals and companies fall short,”  Haywood adds.  

The worst thing we could do is close our doors because we don’t have enough food to give, but our relationship with Second Harvest prevents that from happening.”

Shown in the photo are volunteers bagging produce for a summer Farmer's Market hosted by the Elyria Salvation Army with produce provided by Second Harvest.

Similar to what other social service organizations are seeing throughout the state, Rebecca shares that they have not seen a decrease in the amount of individuals they are serving.

We haven’t seen a decrease in the people that we are serving,” she says. “Even with the economy improving, we are strained to keep up with the need in the community, and each month we are seeing new faces that we have never served before. We are seeing people really desperate to feed their families.

It isn’t easy for people to turn to a food pantry or soup kitchen for help. But when our neighbors walk through the doors of our partner charities, they get more than help with food.

They get a smile, a hug, reassurance, and a glimmer of hope. Our partner charities work tirelessly to serve our neighbors in need, and we are proud to work hand in hand with them to create a brighter future for our community.  Learn more about our partner charities.

Harvest for Hunger 2015